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The Secrets of Time is a novel that probes the question of mankind’s role in the universe. A drunken manipulator of an American President secretly plans a manned voyage to Mars, and a mission tied into a secret codex will bring earth-shattering repercussions. The Secrets of Time is at its core, about just that – secrets so great that humanity may not be ready to know them, though pride and curiosity press individuals come ever closer to the truth. A rousing good story that will leave the reader pondering bigger mysteries.

                                                                                                          —Midwest Book Review

A strange copper chest is discovered accidentally during construction. This copper chest holds a golden tube containing what will become known as the Bet She'an codex. The sheepskin of this codex dates to 8000 BC. However, instead of cuneiform wedge writing of that time, the codex is written in a form of ancient Hebrew that existed a few thousand years before the birth of Christ. Obviously, the codex is a fake. Nonetheless, there's something strange about that codex.
The Secrets of Time is a what if thriller. How would the government react if it had an ancient secret? What would happen if people found out this secret? How would people react if their whole spiritual and scientific belief system were questioned?
This well thought out book examines the actions and reactions of a number of people. These people range from the speakers of God (ministers, priests, rabbis, and prophets), government agents (including the United States president), and regular people (the pious as well as atheists). How would you react if everything you once held true crumbled like dust in your hands?                                                                                            

“A captivating, fulfilling and touching story.”
                            —Pegen Dorf, Rancho Viejo

“If ever there was a story that begged to be produced on the silver screen, ‘The Secrets of Time’ is it.”
                                                                                                   —Bob Logan, Los Angeles

“I would recommend the book to others and could see a possible movie.”

                                                                         —Robert Flood, Las Vegas

“How would you react if everything you once held true crumbled like dust in your hands?”
—Tami Brady, Calgary

“A timely look into deception on a massive scale and finally hope.”

                                                               —Ron Calkins, California

“I couldn’t put it down . . . the message [was] powerful.”

                       —Karen McQuaid Campbell, Los Angeles


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